World Water Day: Water out of thin air — why not?

      but don’t take my word for it.


We in the cities take the humidity out of the air and run it down our drains.  Many of our own Canadian children do not have  clean drinking water, while governments and corporations fight over who now owns the water in our air and therefore nobody benefits from this amazing invention!  They may own the technology but they do not own the humidity–we need to sponsor our own research and educate our own children so their genius is not controlled for the sake of profit rather then our human rights.

Corporations in Canada

Corporations run the world, their logos run our habits.  These are but a few we see daily. Why do companies ‘incorporate’, who are they ‘protecting’?  Us their consumers–or their shareholders? Do you think your country or your province could be ‘incorporated’?  It may surprise you to know which ones are.  ‘but don’t take my word for it’ — check our Michael’s exposing the global banking  fraud, be informed for yourself.  

Below is a list of the reasons why to incorporate.




Michael Tellinger

This short 5 minute video introduces Michael and his incredible ideas for a new way of living on our planet.  I was totally swept away by both him and his vision and can see this taking place here in Winnipeg.  Everything starts with the first step.