What are these kids doing?

wake-up world

We can do it too! As spring is knocking on the door the energy is ripe to begin new projects.  Contact Pie if you are ready!

‘but don’t take my word for it’

Exposing The Global Banking Fraud

Why are we not all on board to put a stop to this?  What are we willing to sacrifice rather than upset the ‘status-quo’?

Attempting to highlight a portion of Michael’s book is quite impossible, as you would virtually be recopying the entire book. The banking fraud topic is not knew–much has been written about it through the years.  However, we have reached the ‘tipping point’ as a collective and we are now more open to hearing and understanding these messages then ever before.  Collectively in 2017 and the incoming of 2018 we are removing the shackles of our enslavement.  As Michael lays it out in his ‘One Small Town’ video, the time is right NOW to dig in and make these changes ourselves–without all the red tape!  Without all the sensationalism and division.  It is in the interests of governments to keep us distracted and focused on issues that will not be resolved, while the poor, the hungry, the hard working class, the homeless, the single mothers and fathers struggle to nourish, educate and house their children.  Enough is Enough!

Corporations in Canada

Corporations run the world, their logos run our habits.  These are but a few we see daily. Why do companies ‘incorporate’, who are they ‘protecting’?  Us their consumers–or their shareholders? Do you think your country or your province could be ‘incorporated’?  It may surprise you to know which ones are.  ‘but don’t take my word for it’ — check our Michael’s exposing the global banking  fraud, be informed for yourself.  

Below is a list of the reasons why to incorporate.