War in Syria – WHY

What is the value of Syria?  What is so important that it is worth killing it’s own people?  And is that the truth?  What is the whole story?  Why can we not see what is really going on?  And why don’t we look further?

check this out–may answer some of those questions:



sins of the Forefathers? or maybe our own


If we ‘the people’ continually support and vote for corruption, than who can we blame?

The time is now to stand up for ourselves.  We should take the advice offered by the latest ‘stage bully’ — ‘it isn’t personal, it’s business’ —  so if I have to stomp on you in the process don’t take it personally.

‘but don’t take my word for it’


who is not afraid of trump?  it would seem Putin, maybe Kim Jung Un? can you think of anyone else?