Sometimes you get to see something incredible, from start to finish

but don’t take my word for it‘ — you need to see for yourself!

do you know about KICKSTART?  check it out

sins of the Forefathers? or maybe our own


If we ‘the people’ continually support and vote for corruption, than who can we blame?

The time is now to stand up for ourselves.  We should take the advice offered by the latest ‘stage bully’ — ‘it isn’t personal, it’s business’ —  so if I have to stomp on you in the process don’t take it personally.

‘but don’t take my word for it’

who is not afraid of trump?  it would seem Putin, maybe Kim Jung Un? can you think of anyone else?


have you ever asked google?

How many wars is the US involved in?

how many wars

US wars

How many movies have been produced without gun violence in the past 5 years?

gun violence

Gun Violence In Movies: A View From Abroad


How many Syrian children have died this past year?


Michael Tellinger

This short 5 minute video introduces Michael and his incredible ideas for a new way of living on our planet.  I was totally swept away by both him and his vision and can see this taking place here in Winnipeg.  Everything starts with the first step.