Knock, Knock

People the truth of our situation here on planet earth is not on the news–that is to distract us.  Inform yourself, dare to search beyond your conditioning.

do you know what the ‘BILDERGERG’ yearly meetings are about–do you know what our world leaders were planning this June while we were working our ass off to cover our living expenses.

check it out– don’t take my word for itnote the 11th TOPIC and dare to ask yourself  WHAT THE HELL?


check out Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot on youtube, try to be informed by ‘real’ people.  You don’t have to PAY for it, it isn’t GOSSIP, these are all people who dare to step outside the box.

agree, disagree, challenge — just do not keep a closed mind to everything outside your conditioning.

World Water Day: Water out of thin air — why not?

      but don’t take my word for it.


We in the cities take the humidity out of the air and run it down our drains.  Many of our own Canadian children do not have  clean drinking water, while governments and corporations fight over who now owns the water in our air and therefore nobody benefits from this amazing invention!  They may own the technology but they do not own the humidity–we need to sponsor our own research and educate our own children so their genius is not controlled for the sake of profit rather then our human rights.