Knock, Knock

People the truth of our situation here on planet earth is not on the news–that is to distract us.  Inform yourself, dare to search beyond your conditioning.

do you know what the ‘BILDERGERG’ yearly meetings are about–do you know what our world leaders were planning this June while we were working our ass off to cover our living expenses.

check it out– don’t take my word for itnote the 11th TOPIC and dare to ask yourself  WHAT THE HELL?


check out Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot on youtube, try to be informed by ‘real’ people.  You don’t have to PAY for it, it isn’t GOSSIP, these are all people who dare to step outside the box.

agree, disagree, challenge — just do not keep a closed mind to everything outside your conditioning.

Exposing The Global Banking Fraud

Why are we not all on board to put a stop to this?  What are we willing to sacrifice rather than upset the ‘status-quo’?

Attempting to highlight a portion of Michael’s book is quite impossible, as you would virtually be recopying the entire book. The banking fraud topic is not knew–much has been written about it through the years.  However, we have reached the ‘tipping point’ as a collective and we are now more open to hearing and understanding these messages then ever before.  Collectively in 2017 and the incoming of 2018 we are removing the shackles of our enslavement.  As Michael lays it out in his ‘One Small Town’ video, the time is right NOW to dig in and make these changes ourselves–without all the red tape!  Without all the sensationalism and division.  It is in the interests of governments to keep us distracted and focused on issues that will not be resolved, while the poor, the hungry, the hard working class, the homeless, the single mothers and fathers struggle to nourish, educate and house their children.  Enough is Enough!

have you ever asked google?

How many wars is the US involved in?

how many wars

US wars

How many movies have been produced without gun violence in the past 5 years?

gun violence

Gun Violence In Movies: A View From Abroad


How many Syrian children have died this past year?


Michael Tellinger

This short 5 minute video introduces Michael and his incredible ideas for a new way of living on our planet.  I was totally swept away by both him and his vision and can see this taking place here in Winnipeg.  Everything starts with the first step.

Sometimes you get to see something incredible, from start to finish

but don’t take my word for it‘ — you need to see for yourself!

do you know about KICKSTART?  check it out

What are these kids doing?

wake-up world

We can do it too! As spring is knocking on the door the energy is ripe to begin new projects.  Contact Pie if you are ready!

‘but don’t take my word for it’

sins of the Forefathers? or maybe our own


If we ‘the people’ continually support and vote for corruption, than who can we blame?

The time is now to stand up for ourselves.  We should take the advice offered by the latest ‘stage bully’ — ‘it isn’t personal, it’s business’ —  so if I have to stomp on you in the process don’t take it personally.

‘but don’t take my word for it’

who is not afraid of trump?  it would seem Putin, maybe Kim Jung Un? can you think of anyone else?